Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living, dead, space aliens, goats, forum posters, editors, beta readers, musicians, or writers are purely coincidental. There may be sexual content so if this, in any form, offends you, please cease reading this lest it send you screaming from the room. If you are not of legal age to read this, please don't.  


A sequel to 'Let the Music Play', Changing Lanes focuses on Eric, and deals with some portentous personal issues facing the group, with a lot of fun along the way.
Genre: Action/Adventure/Relationship           
Status: Completed   

Chapter 1
Wedding Bells
Chapter 2
Mission to Idaho
Chapter 3
Pursuits and Auditions
Chapter 4
Islands in the Sea
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Travel Plans
Chapter 7
Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Train Wreck
Chapter 1O
Dance with the Devil
Chapter 11
Morning Serenade
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Falling to Earth
Chapter 14
Prelude to Battle
Chapter 15
Worth a Thousand Words
Chapter 16
Surfer Strip Show
Chapter 17
The Show Must Go On
Chapter 18
Errors of Omission
Chapter 19
Chapter 2O
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Prelude to Ragnarök
Chapter 23
Unseen Eyes
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Satan's Own Thunder
Chapter 26
The Scorpion and the Frog
Chapter 27
Drums out of Darkness
Chapter 28
Blood and Time
Chapter 29
Chapter 3O
Chapter 31
Wings of Fire
Chapter 32
A Favor to Ask
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
 Special Delivery
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
 The Best Laid Plans...
Chapter 38
Chapter 39
 Zeus Triumphant
Chapter 4O
Chapter 41
 Pushing the Limits
Chapter 42
 Passion in the Dark
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
 Countdown to Ragnarök  
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Out of the
Frying Pan...
Chapter 47
Fatal Mistakes
Chapter 48
Desperate Measures
Chapter 49
Chapter 5O
Refuge and Allies
Chapter 51
Changing the Game