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Chris grew up a loner in small-town Arizona, but things began to change for him when he started college. Sometimes for the better, but sometimes for the worse, and often with humor, the changes affect his life, as he sets for on the road of life, and towards finding the love of his life, with a lot of adventure along the way.
Genre: Action/adventure       Status: Completed

Prologue Chapter 1
Falling to Pieces
Chapter 2
The Fog begins to Lift
Chapter 3
Get the Rope...
Chapter 4
Necktie Party
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Chapter 8
Pool Party
Chapter 9
Full Circle
Chapter 10
Race with the Devil
Chapter 11
Bullet Riddled Body
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Sermon and the Mount
Chapter 14
In Beer, Veritas
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Storm Warming
Chapter 17
Fire and Ice
Chapter 18
Chase and Shawn
Chapter 19
Fire in the Hole
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Down the Barrel
Chapter 22
Fun in the Sun
Chapter 23
Flying Lessons
Chapter 24
Finding the Key
Chapter 25
Thicker than Water
Chapter 26
The Guns of Piedmont
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Data Stick Shuffle
Chapter 29
Mixed emotions
Chapter 30
Going Away
Chapter 31
Six Feet Under
Chapter 32
Aloha Maui
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Hell's Fury
Chapter 36
Sleeping in the Light
Chapter 37
Lock and Load
Chapter 38